Thursday, June 11, 2009

Returning to the scene of the Crime

This past weekend we left Paige with Scott's parents and enjoyed a weekend on Mackinac Island to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We were married there 10 years ago and we have returned every 5 years since. Macinac Island is a relaxing place where there are no cars, only bikes and horse drawn carriages. The pace of the Island is slow and inviting.

Approaching the Island by Ferry - the Fort is on the hill.
The Island House - where we had our reception and where we stayed
Outside the church 1999
Outside Mission Church 2009
Self driven buggy tour. Rocky was an excellent drive.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paige's Preschool graduation

Yesterday Paige graduated from preschool, sniff sniff. They wore little caps and gowns and had a short ceremony. This kids walked in, stood before the parents, said the pledge of allegiance and sang a song. Then their teacher, Ms. Correen, called them each up to get their diplomas. Paige got a special award for knowing all 36 sight words. The teacher had prepared binders of the kids work and a time capsule not to be opened until 2022 when they graduate from high school. Paige has already asked numerous times if she could open it and what was in it. Finally, the teacher gave them a envelope with things to work on over the summer. Paige had hers open and reading one of the books to Grandma 5 minutes after we left school. She'll probably have the work done by mid next week :) Below are a few of the pictures from the day. You can see the complete album of photos at:

Wee Discover Class of 2009

Paige getting her diploma

She was so proud of herself. She told everyone we saw that day that she had graduated from preschool.Family photo
The cap and certificate

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This year I experienced my first Mother's Day Tea at Paige's school. Last year I was in New York with my mom helping her deal with the loss of her mother, my grandmother. This year Paige told me ahead of time that I had to be there this year. I promised I would be. Paige helped my pick out the clothes choosing the silk blouse my sister had sent my for my birthday. Paige made me paper flowers and a plaque and she served my and my mother-in-law cookies and fruit for tea. She cleaned up after we were done as well. It was so sweet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paige's friend Patrick

It used to be Kim's friend Patrick, then he was my friend Patrick, and now he is wrapped firmly around the finger of Paige. He sent her a box of goodies that arrived today. The jumping and screaming was over the top, so were the contents of the box. Thank you Patrick for the blue bunny (currently making friends with the white Bunny Auntie Kim sent last year), and the Hannah Montana fest consisting of the wig, dress, guitar, and make up. Attached are the results of the package. As you'll see we had a good time.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Some of Paige's cousins had last week off from school, so on Thursday we went up to visit and go bowling. It was Paige's first time "real" bowling. She asked me if it was like Wii bowling. I told her the ball would be heavy and it would be slower than Wii bowling. She seemed to take it all in. She watch a couple of her cousin go first. Then it was her turn.

Selecting just the right ball.

Setting up the shot.
Watching and waiting for the ball to slowly make it way down the lane and knock over a few pins.
With Wii bowling she bowls about 160. Real bowling was much harder, she bowled a high of 46. Despite the low score Paige had a good time and wants to go again. I however got in trouble for taking the pictures. I messed up a little old ladies game. I apologized and stopped taking pictures, but after their game she shoved her score card in my face. She was insistent her poor score was because of the flash from my camera. We were at least 8 lanes away so we all think she was just looking for an excuse.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update and random things

Paige and I have been sick for the past week and a half so we've been staying home and laying around. I hope next week will be better as Paige goes back to school on Monday. So much for enjoying mid-winter break. Despite being sick, we did try to do our part to stimulate the economy last weekend. We retired Our Chevy Malibu at 139,000 miles and replaced it with a used 2008 Ford Focus. It is a unique Kiwi Green color.
Under the random things category, we are looking at 3 different schools to send Paige to for kindergarten. Perhaps it is mommy being over protective, but I don't think she is ready for all day Kindergarten. Our school district does not offer part time kindergarten so we are looking at the Schools of Choice program which lets us apply to other local schools that offer part time programs. If accepted (it's lottery based) we can send Paige there tuition free, we just have to provide transportation daily. We attended a parents night at one of the schools already and hope to schedule a time at each school to visit a kindergarten class when it is in session. We won't know where she is going to go until mid to late April.

The next random thing is a picture of the flyer Paige's preschool/daycare center sent out as a mass mailing. She appears in the lower left hand corner.
Finally, I felt better today so I finished a project I started this summer, I completed the quilt hanger and hung up the quilt that came to me after my grandmother passed away last spring. It now hangs in our bedroom.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Paige loves books. Many of her favorite books, and her treasured High Five magazine, come from my mom. In honor of two of Paige's favorite books, Crumbs Bakeshop in a Box by Mia Bauer and Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, we made pink cupcakes with pink frosting. We used the recipe from the Crumbs book and it was very tasty. In honor of Pinkalicious (and Crumbs too) the cupcakes were pink with pink frosting. No one turned pink from too much pink consumption like in Pinkalicious. We had a great time baking and eating our treat.

Making the cupcakes.
Making the frosting. Frosting the cupcakes.

The finished products. Makes you hungry doesn't it.
Enjoying the fruits, I mean cupcakes, of our labor.